Dave warms up with a few push-ups.

"About 10 minutes of these and I'll be ready to get in the ring," he says.

Too many of them to keep track of.

Joking around with his coach as he wraps his hands with tape.

"Two years ago, he could't crack an egg. Now he's got some power behind his punches," says his coach.

Air punching with weights strapped to his fists before putting his gloves on.

The next generation boxer looks on with admiration.

Dave takes a punch from his training partner, Coco.

Teaching an all women's boxing class.

Getting a quick bite in between sessions. "The girls in this place are so cute, man, which is probably why I eat here" says Dave.

Taking a drive to Kelly's Roast Beef in Revere, to avoid their high school caffeteria food.

Dave and his closest friends in front of the restaurant, talk about their future plans and how their lives are going to change in about 3 months, when they graduate.

As things wind down at The Ring, Dave finds some time to finish up his homework.

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