Suhareke - The vineyards at sunset.

Suhareke - Grapes for sale on the side of the road.

Rahovec - Stone Castle Winery.

Shterpce - Harvest time.

Kamenice - Cows used to plow the field.

Gjilan - Cabbage and leek farmer, selling on the side of the road.

Prizren - Biking through the historical square.

Shtimje - Cevapi restaurant.

Prevalle - Waterfall surrounded by snow.

Brezovice - The ski resort covered in thick fog.

Junik - Waiting for the school bus while sharing a piece of bread.

Junik - Walking to school.

Gjakove - Preparing for a cold winter.

Gjilan - An afternoon in the city park.

Ferizaj - Living together side by side.

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