Lakia on her way to the T station. She goes to class four times a week, training to become a medical assistant.

Lakia and her boyfriend Rodney at their Brighton apartment - having a playful argument over the cleanliness of the bedroom.

Changing in Jacques Cabaret dressing room.

Preparing for her act as a lip-synching drag queen at Jacques Cabaret in Boston's Back Bay area.

Lakia (R), Chris and Destiny, all drag queens, in the makeup room at Jacques Cabaret.

Lakia's high heeled shiny boots.

"These are implants, baby," she says pointing at her breasts. "The hormons only take you so far. To get them big like this you need implants."

Performing Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

In her kitchen, after she comes back from class.

After her hormone treatments, her facial does not grow as fast and as coarse, but she still needs to shave three of four times per week.

Lakia prepares a quick dinner for her and her boyfriend before he leaves for work.

Studying late for her anatomy test. She is getting a medical assistant's degree from Salter College in Malden.

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