Ronnie, in the waiting room at Muilenburg Prosthetics in Houston.

Explaining the necessary adjustment needed to the technician.

As Ronnie waits for his spare set of arms, he goes around the Clinic and talks to the staff. Everybody seems to enjoy having him around.

Time for a dip.

Heading home after his spare set of arms were properly adjusted.

Spreading feed around a hunting ground which Ronnie leases out every year.

Filling the tank of a four-wheeler mule with corn. "Deer will come after this, like a bear would after honey," he says.

Making sure he has a clear vision of the area where he spread the feed. The weapon is custom made with triggers which he can use with his hook.

Inviting his dog, Bala, outside to enjoy the beautiful day.

Ronnie checks the weather before his early morning hunting trip. "Them boys at Best Buy suggested this laptop for its hook friendly mouse," he says as he domonstrates it.

Photo of Ronnie and his wife, Ann, on a trip before his accident.

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